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Why should you join the "Repair Your Metabolism 21-day Challenge"?
- This challenge is going to focus on the an often misunderstood reason that many women struggle to meet their fitness goals:  Metabolism

- So many women are under eating and missing so many of the most basic health targets before they try to lose fat.  Without these targets in place, women often either don't see success or they gain back the weight lost (and then some).  I will help you fix this.
- This challenge is designed to help you set yourself up for success to begin your fat loss journey.

- The grand prize winner of the challenge will get $500 cash!

- Secondary prizes include a PowerXL Air Fryer, a Fitbit Inspire 2, and a smart water bottle!

- Winners are determined by earning points throughout the challenge for Facebook posts, comments, participation in the challenge goals, and an end of challenge testimony.

The Repair Your Metabolism 21-Day Challenge will run from March 28 - April 17, 2022. 
The challenge will run entirely in the Facebook group so make sure you are a member! 
Click here to join.

Register for the "Repair Your Metabolism 21-Day Challenge" here!
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