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Weekly Expectations:

  • Nurture the Facebook Community

  • Respond to questions and follow up with people in the comment sections

  • Message active and inactive members of the Facebook group (goal of 20/day)

  • Post engaging questions or comments inside of the group 2-3 times per week to elicit engagement from the group.

  • Go into other Facebook groups (I can help with good groups to join) and engage by commenting, posting, and messaging members (with their permission) of those group with the goal of providing value exchange content (VEC), and invite them to our FB group, and eventually booking a sales call after you have built a relationship.

  • Book online sales calls with a goal of 1-2 per week.

  • Promote internal offers (21 day challenges, giveaways, etc) on your personal social media.

  • Keep the e-mail contact list up to date weekly.

Payment & Scheduling:

  • You will be on a 60 day probationary period during which you will be paid $300/month.

  • After your probationary period, you will be paid $400/month with opportunities for additional bonuses for exceeding sales call goals and other metrics.

  • Ideally you would work 2 hours per day for 5 days/week or 10 hours per week.  I am not too picky about how the days are split as long as you are productive and accomplishing the given tasks.

Does this sound like your jam?  Can you bring fun, excitement, and personality to the FB group?  Fill out the interest form below!

(You will also be added to my mailing list.)

CSM Interest Form

Thanks for submitting the interest form! I will be contacting those who seem like a good fit via e-mail or text for Zoom meetings to chat about this role around the first of the year.

This position is no longer available.

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