Online Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching

Don't need an in person trainer but love the idea of a trainer looking out for you and holding you accountable?  This plan is for you.  We will work closely together to apply my 3R Method to meet your goals using fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle choices.  Training plans can be designed using any equipment that you have available (or even none at all).  We will check in weekly and we will make adjustments as needed along the way.


How Online Coaching Works:

- We will set up a Zoom call to go over your goals.

- You will download my app so that you can receive your weekly training plans, log your nutrition, and progress photos.

- We use a Google Sheet to keep track of how you're feeling along the way.

- You will download the MarcoPolo app for weekly check ins and so that we can quickly and easily communicate needs, changes, or just ask and answer questions.


If you are in the middle Tennessee area, you can come train in person once per month too!


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Love your body and live your best life without fad diets or endless cardio through a structured training and nutrition program aimed at healing the body to ensure success.

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