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Core exercises with a stability ball

Updated: Feb 6

Here's a great superset for you to add to your workouts. Each of these can be done without the ball but, let's face it, the ball makes them more fun! Read more about why the ball is useful in each exercise below.

1. Dead bugs with the ball - Hold the ball in place while alternating arms and legs. Keep your low back flat onto the arching off the floor. The ball provides you with a cue to keep your arm and knee in place or else the ball will roll keeps you honest so you can't cheat.

2. Curl Ups with the ball - For the curl ups, the ball gives you a cue to not roll up too high. Only your shoulder blades should come off the floor. This isn’t a crunch or sit up. Keep your core tight throughout the set.


3. Stability ball plank - Do this one last! Hold the plank for as long as you can. Balancing on the ball adds to the difficulty of the plank when your core is already fatigued from the other two excises. Keep your butt down and core right.

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