Do you have a goal to do push ups?

Push ups are an incredibly common exercise given that they only require your body weight and they are actually quite difficult, making them a perfect "goals" exercise.

The trouble, however, is that many people do push ups incorrectly which can lead to some shoulder troubles. Remember that even if it means going backwards in progress, correcting and improving your form will ALWAYS trump how many you can do. With proper form, you will improve more quickly and surpass your previous best!

Here is a short video explaining a common mistake that many people make and if push ups are a goal for you, scroll down for an exercise you can start doing today to help build the strength to do it:

If you're not quite ready for push ups just yet, start incorporating push up negatives to your weekly routine! In push up negatives, you will start at the top of the push up and verrrrrrry slowly lower yourself down to the ground. The slower you go, the more time your muscles are under tension, the more your muscle will grow. Since the push up negative is the exact positioning of a standard push up, it will build the same muscles needed to do a full push up. Here's a video showing how to do them!

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