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My 5 favorite single serving snacks!

Updated: Feb 6

I love snacks that I can just grab and go for when I'll be working at the gym for long hours or even just to have single servings pre-portioned out to help me stick to my goals wherever I am. Here are some of my favorites that I order from Amazon. Amazon is often cheaper and I can get things in larger quantities more easily.

Since I am gluten free, these are all gluten free and contain some amount of protein to help me hit my protein goals.

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.*

1. Likely the snack item that I buy most often! Pistachios! I tend to struggle to hit my fat macros many days so being able to grab a pack of these and head out makes it so much easier to get 10g fat quick and easy. They also have 6g carbs and 4g of protein.

This box has 9 packs that lasts me about 2 weeks or so and for less than $1 per bag, it's a great nutritious option!

2. Grab and go protein shakes are so convenient! I love Fairlife products just in general and these milks are one of my go-tos for sure. I love the strawberry banana flavor but Amazon tends to be out of stock on that flavor regularly. These don't need refrigerated so delivery is easy but I always pop them in the fridge once they come in. 26g of protein and 8 carbs makes it an easy choice.

3. This box of 18 bags of Popcorners Flex chips is awesome! It has 3 flavors that has approx. 10g of protein, 12g of carbs, and 2.5g of fat per bag...flavors vary slightly. They are completely plant based and gluten free. Being gluten free myself, I'm always looking for GF snacks that I can much on...the added protein is a bonus!

4. Whisps cheese crisps are GREAT I like these as a snack on their own if I have enough fat remaining in my macros and I also really LOVE them on my salad in place of croutons! I have missed croutons since having to cut out gluten so these are an awesome crunchy replacement. Depending on the flavor, there about 7 or 9g of fat, 1 carb, and 6 or 9g of protein.

5. Finally - last but NOT least are Quest chips! My favorite are the nacho cheese but they also have a few other flavors including chli lime, loaded taco, and ranch. They have 18g of protein, 5 carbs, and 6 fat. They use whey protein and they're also gluten free!

OK now that you've seen some of my quick favorites I want to clarify that these do NOT replace real, unprocessed, whole food that should make up the majority of our diet. These are just ideas for when you're busy and on the go or when you just need an extra protein boost to meet your goals. Do your best to opt for fresh fruit, veggies, whole grains, and lean protein whenever you can!

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