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No more boring chicken!

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

It seems like the first thing people turn to when they decide to start eating healthy is chicken breast. Often, people quickly get sick of "eating the same thing" and they go back to the familiar unhealthy foods that they know and love thus ending their healthy eating adventure. The key to sticking with a healthy eating plan is variety.

Let me first say that chicken isn't the only healthy protein - but that's a topic for another day! Today, let's talk about variety with your chicken without adding unnecessary calories.

1. My first go-to chicken is TACOS! Who doesn't love tacos (or nachos, or taco salad, or fajitas, or enchiladas)?? The endless possibilities with taco seasoned chicken is why we eat it so often. It hardly ever gets boring because we can switch it up so easily and

make it a completely different meal. Our favorite taco seasoning is from Amazon. It's Bolner's Fiesta Extra Fancy Seasoning. Be warned: it doesn't have that weird red color that the other brands have so don't use extra thinking there isn't enough in the pot - it is delicious and without the weird chemicals! This container has 768 servings (CRAZY, right?!?)

2. When grilling chicken, we LOVE to use Famous Dave's Steak Burger seasoning. I know. It's burger seasoning. You won't be disappointed, I promise! It's great on grilled chicken breast! We also use this seasoning on our steamed broccoli too and it's fantastic.

3. Sometimes we just want plain old seasoned salt. You can't go wrong with a classic! Our favorite is Lawry's Season Salt. We use this on grilled or baked chicken. This is another great one for our steamed broccoli as well.

4. One last seasoning suggestion for this post is Flavor God Buffalo Seasoning. Flavor God seasonings are gluten free, paleo, vegan, are low sodium, and use no MSG. The buffalo seasoning is a super flavorful way to spice up your chicken without the added nonsense!

5. One way that I keep from having too much added fat is to spray my olive oil instead of pouring it! You pour your olive oil (or any oil) into the bottle and spray it onto your food in much smaller quantities, saving you tons of unnecessary fat and calories! We use this one from Amazon. I use this to spray my pan before cooking or I use it to spray directly onto my chicken before air frying it to help it get crispy.

There are my top 5 super EASY chicken suggestions for now! More ideas and recipes will be coming soon so check back with my blog often! Do you have a great idea for a blog? E-mail me at and tell me about it!

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