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The 1 thing most healthy people have in common

Updated: Feb 6

What do you think is the 1 thing that *most* healthy people have in common with each other? Any guesses?

Let me give you some hints…

· The thing they have in common is FREE.

· This thing is something that everyone can do.

· It is the true KEY to achieving and maintaining your goals.


Boring, I know.

Let’s discuss what consistency looks like in the world of health and fitness. What I see ALL. THE. TIME. is that people expect perfection from themselves. We need to understand that consistency does NOT equal perfection. The perfection mindset does far more damage than good when it comes to achieving our health goals.

Does this scenario sound familiar? You wake up in the morning and get ready for the day. You eat a super healthy breakfast. You put your coffee into your travel mug and off to work you go.

You get there, you’re feeling great, and then BOOM. It’s Suzie’s birthday and she shows up with 2 dozen fresh, warm donuts. They smell amazing. You try to resist but resistance is futile. You give in and take a donut. You head back to your desk, and you can’t stuff it into your mouth fast enough. You wash it down with your coffee and then sit there, wishing you took two. Fifteen minutes later you casually walk by the break room and snag another.

Later on, you’re sitting there, irritated with yourself for giving in not once, but twice. You decide to head to happy hour after work with your coworkers, something you never typically do. You already blew your nutrition for the day so why not? You might as well go get drinks and fried bar food, why not?

This happens because we expect perfection from ourselves and when we don’t achieve it, we give up.

Being consistent doesn’t mean that you don’t indulge in the donut. Being consistent means that you enjoy the occasional donut and then get right back on plan without missing a beat.

Consistency also means that we don’t go and punish ourselves with exercise after eating the donut! If you wouldn’t do that workout on any other day, you shouldn’t be doing it just because you ate a donut.

Your health journey is about the long-term results, not the day to day. If you are on track MOST days and you learn to live in the world of moderation, you WILL make progress. Will the progress be as fast as it would be if you were perfect? No, of course not. It will, however be faster than if you gave up.

Just. Keep. Going.

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