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The easiest way to improve your health...

Updated: Feb 6

This is a common type of question...we all want the "easy", right? The thing is that what is considered easy for one is not easy at all for another. That makes this a tough topic.

With that said, though, I've got what I think is an easy tip that will pay off in dividends for you later. Fiber.

If you've followed me for very long you've likely heard me carry on about fiber already but it isn't without good reason! Most Americans are only eating about half of the fiber that our bodies need. This is a HUGE problem.

Colon cancer is impacting the lives of people of younger and younger ages. The recommended age to get a colonoscopy has been moved from age 50 to 45. When I went to my annual doctor's appointment this summer, my doctor told me that she expects that the age will get moved back to 40 very soon.

I was very surprised by this and asked why. Her response? "It's the mac and cheese generation." I blankly stared, "Huh?" So she went on, "This is the generation of kids who grew up eating only mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. Hardly a gram of fiber to be seen anywhere."

This felt like a very personal attack. Don't talk smack about my mac and cheese and chicken nuggets! However, I very quickly realized that she's so right. She's TOO right.

Basically, as we grew up with very little fiber in our diet we were creating long term problems that we could have never dreamed about. So here we are now approaching, if not firmly in, middle age and we are facing the consequences of our small human actions.

So here is my EASY tip to improve your health in a hurry:  Make sure you're eating enough fiber.

Women under age 50 should aim for 25-30 grams of fiber per day. Women over age 50 are looking for about 23 grams. Men under age 50 are needing 38 grams of fiber with those over 50 needing 30.

What about kids? I'm so glad you asked! For kids, take their age and add 5-10 to it. So a 5 year old should get 10-15 grams of fiber with a 12 year old needing 17-22 grams per day.

Fortunately fiber is found in a lot of delicious foods! Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are the best ways to get it. Avoid fiber supplements if you can help it, you want the real deal whenever possible. Click the Fruity Fiber image to go check out a post on my Instagram about fiber in fruit.

If you aren't already in my free Facebook group for busy women, come join us right away by clicking here!

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