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Why do you need my Lifestyle Integration Process?

Research shows that at any given time, 50% of American women are dieting to lose weight and the most common methods are, not surprisingly, restricting food and/or increasing exercise (generally cardio).  This cycle of restricting calories and doing excessive exercise wreaks havoc on your hormones, your gut health, your metabolism, and ultimately slows or even completely stalls progress.


What is the Lifestyle Integration Process?

it is a unique process designed by me where your health and longevity take center stage.  We will work together to develop a clear picture of your current calorie intake, your dieting history, your workouts, etc. and create a plan to repair your metabolism and recover your gut health to restore your body to optimal health. Throughout this process we will allow your biofeedback to guide our decisions and modify your plan along the way.  With your body functioning optimally, achieving your goals will be easier than ever!


How do we achieve lifestyle integration?

How we accomplish this will be individualized to you.  It often includes increasing calories and macros so that your body has the nourishment it needs to repair, reducing or changing your exercise plan to allow for proper recovery, and using an appropriate diet to limit inflammation and restore your hormone health to bring balance back to your life.  We will also work with general mindset and lifestyle habits to improve your overall quality of life.  Your recovery is at the top of our priority list!  Once your data points to optimal health, we get to work focusing specifically on your goals whether they be fat loss, muscle/strength gains, performance, or health related.  We follow the cues from YOUR body to create a plan specialized to YOU and your lifestyle!

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