In Person Personal Training

Using your goals as our driving force, we will apply a scientifically based approach to fitness. Using my personally developed 3R Method, we will work together to design a plan that works for you that will include fitness, nutrition, and overall lifestyle choices to support your goals. Sessions are "group" based (meaning other clients may be there to develop a supportive atmosphere) but your workout and plan will be created for your individual needs.  Each session is 45-60 minutes. Contact me today to get started!

Online Personal Training

Don't need an in person trainer but love the idea of a trainer looking out for you and holding you accountable?  This is your plan.  We will work closely together to apply my 3R Method to meet your goals using fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle choices.  You will check in weekly and we will make adjustments as needed along the way.  If you are in the middle Tennessee area, you can come train in person once per month too! Contact me today to get started!

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